Professional MBA Finance

WU Executive Academy
Master MBA
3 semester(s)
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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Master MBA, Professional MBA Finance - Das Studium


The Professional MBA Finance provides you with theoretical expertise, analytical know-how and practical management tools enabling you to succeed in the dynamic, globalized field of finance. The curriculum has been specifically designed around the implementation of applicable content and is taught by an international faculty of top experts from the finance sector (e.g. Harvard, Copenhagen Business School, ...).

This MBA will expand your expertise and hone both your financial intuition and the necessary flexibility to react quickly and appropriately to future evolution in this vital sector. The broad range of content allows graduates to take up various positions in finance - a vital career benefit. As this MBA gives you the skills to make better business decisions, to improve the financial performance of your company and thereby to create shareholder value for its owners, it is also a veritable asset to your employer.
ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr. Manfred Frühwirth
Academic Director
Master MBA, Professional MBA Finance - Target audience

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